Meet Julia Dale

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My name is Julia Dale. I was named for my Great Auntie Julia, and her husband my Great Uncle Dale. They were both wonderful creatures of this world. What I mean by that might not be obvious, some people live on this world, but the creatures live inside it. My Auntie dedicated her life to experiencing and living every moment, to talking to every stranger, to smelling every flower and to truly being a part of her world. I in turn have dedicated my life to living much the same as my Auntie.

When I was only 12 years old I settled down at a computer to write my first novel, after 200 pages my auntie sat me down and said, "This is wonderful, but before you can write you must live."

I am 30 now and I can attest, I have lived. I graduated high school with letters at age 17, moved to college and graduated as a B.S. in Microbiology and a Minor in Chemistry some of the hardest majors available. I then moved to New Orleans where I worked for the New Orleans Folgers Coffee plant, United Way, and eventually bar tended off of Bourbon street. I have traveled the country and parts of the world. I climbed mountains, chased storms, and hunted ghosts. I have meet my ADHD and Dyslexia head on challenging myself to overcome my disabilities and reach my dreams. I have settled in Denver, Colorado and found true love. But most importantly the entire time I listened to both my own heart and the hearts of everyone who would share with me, and learned from everyone I met. I followed my aunties advice to the core. For 30 years I have worked to live as a creature of this world. When she died in 2004 I took her last piece of advice to me to heart.

"Oh Julia, You have to laugh."

She was right, Even on her death bed she had to laugh, which is why everyday I take the time to laugh as well.

Please, join me now in laughing and sharing our experiences both good and bad, as creatures of this world.

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