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Brought up May 5, 2010

An Unusual Wedding Gown

An Unusual Wedding Gown

This is probably something that every woman starts day dreaming about from when they were only a little girl. For me I went to my cousins wedding, I was 12 and in the back of the car. “Mom,” I announced “I don’t want a white wedding dress, I want a green one.”

“Over my dead body.”

“Come on Mom it’s not like I will be a Virgin anyway.”

Now I didn’t loose my virginity until I was in my 20s... but here only 19 years later, I am not a virgin bride. A unique wedding dress is still my hearts desire.

This was also driven by the fact that I am an odd shaped woman, for what ever reason God decided to shape me like super girl, a 38F sized chest and 40 inches at the hips. At least that is what they tell me I haven’t seen my pelvis in 14 years.

So, I shopped on the internet and went into the secret dungeons of retail wedding dress entrepreneurs. I put on dresses that fit my top and hung loosely on my bottom, or dresses that fit my bottom but wouldn’t zip up. I dealt with the attitudes of the sales girls who wanted me to just find something, preferably expensive, and leave. I dealt with the odd looks when I mentioned orange, red, or brown.

I gave up on that, and went online, trying to find someone willing to make a simple dress for an odd shaped amazon. After care full consideration I found a costume designer who insisted that the dress be made from chiffon, and a very simple dress started to cost upwards of 1500 dollars.

Then I thought. What is a wedding dress? It’s just a dress that you wear for your wedding, generally with a corseted top and a floor length skirt. So I entered bravely into the world of custom made corsets. The average custom made corset will cost from 300 dollars to infinity. I found a place which offered the service for 350 a little extra because I am rather over large. In the end, with a custom made corset from Meschantes, a skirt from David’s Bridal. The price of my unique and perfectly fitted wedding dress was only 450 dollars.

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your best friend » 7 years ago

hard to find a dress when your a fat whale.

Dress pictures por favor!!! » 8 years ago

Hey Julia Dale, I tried to send you a message and I realize that I have no idea where it went. I just wanted to comment on your post and ask you to post some pictures of your dress, I am just dying to see it!

I also wanted to say that I totally beleive in the paranormal, and I think you should continue your investigation, there may still be things there that you may not have captured! Keep on keepin' on sista!!!

Your loyal fan