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Brought up Mar 18, 2010

How to remove carpeting

When deciding to toss out your old carpeting the first and most important thing to have is a dust mask. Depending on the age and condition of the carpet you will be exposing yourself to a symphony of microbiological organisms, dust, toxins, and fungus. Make sure that your animals and small children are safely away for at least the next 24 hours.

You will need:

1. Box Cutter

2. Dust mask

6. Wall Scraper

7. Bleach

Select a corner that you want to start in. Stand about 3' (feet) from each wall facing the corner. Cut a hole in the carpet at your feet, once the hole is made, slice toward the walls, and pull out the 3' by 3' square of carpet. Leave any padding you find below in place for now. I am not a particularly strong person and I tend to work alone, so I would continue removing the carpet in 3' by 3' squares. If you feel ambitious, try cut long narrow slits out of the carpet, perhaps 3' wide and the length of the room. Once cut, roll the carpet up so it can be easily thrown away.

When the carpet is removed the pad should remain and be mostly intact. While the carpet pad is lighter and easier to hull out, take it slow; this is where most of the contaminates will be. To keep all the junk in the carpet from flying around you should find the seams in the padding, and gently pull the padding from the staples. Once the pad is free from the staples you can simply roll it up and toss it out.

If you are extremely unfortunate you will find that the carpet installer glued your carpet pad to the floor. If the carpet was old or in poor condition you may also find that the pad is glued to the floor by gunk and some kind of biological growth.

If that is the case follow these instructions carefully.

1. Remove any padding that is not stuck and throw it away.

2. Make a mixture of bleach and water, I would use 1 to 10.

3. Pour your bleach water onto where the padding is stuck

4. Take your wall scraper and pry it off.

Once the carpet is gone you can then decide to refinish the discovered wood flooring, treat or stain the cement, or install tile, linoleum, or wood flooring.

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bellsnoel » 5 years ago

Do apartments permit removal of nasty, stinky carpets due to health reasons?