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Brought up Mar 21, 2010

What Time is the Health Care Vote?

The time is now my friends. Today legislators meet at 1pm to start the voting process. No doubt after of hours of final words on the subject the health care debate will be drawn to a close with a decision.

Friday, Obama called on Democrats to rally together and allow the bill to pass, will that be enough? The Republicans seem to be a unified force against health care reform, yet I wonder if they will all actually vote the same?

If you feel like I do you are probably sick to death of pundits guessing at the result to this very important vote, so instead of blathering on about it I will simply promise to post the results as soon as I know.

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Theophany Blackfoot » 8 years ago

My cave is very warm, don't knock it. But thank you for the update, my sole contact to the "real" world