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Brought up Mar 3, 2010

Nissan recall gives the japanese car industry a second black eye

Nissan recall gives the japanese car industry a second black eye

Toyota isn't the only car company recalling some of their best selling cars. The NHTSA announced in September of 2009 that Nissan's 2009 Maxima and Altima passenger cars were subject to a mandatory recall. Both of these vehicles may have suspension problems which could lead to stability issues while driving. Currently Nissan is repairing the suspension on all effected models.

As of last night Nissan released a new, and this time voluntary recall of their Titan, Armada, QX56, Quest models for faulty break pins. Which as they state, in their 3/2/10 press release could cause, “loss of normal breaking ability.” According to the press release over 170,000 American drivers will be effected.

In the same news release Nissan also announced the recall of their Titan, Armada, QX56, Frontier, Pathfinder, Xterra regarding a fuel gauge issue which is unrelated to the faulty break pin issue. Nissan estimates that another 418,000 American drivers will be forced to deal with this issue.

With Japanese car manufacturers being brought to task for faulty workmanship some people are speculating that this may provide American car manufactures with a opportunity to move market loyalty in their direction. Ford after all might stand for Fix Or Repair Daily, but at least you know it can stop when you need it to.


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