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Brought up Mar 4, 2010

Real symptoms of ADHD

As an adult diagnosed with ADHD I find the typical diagnosis fails to accurately describe my condition. So with great effort and as much humor as possible I have created a new list of potential symptoms to both help the general public better understand the condition, and for other ADHD suffers to have a laugh.

1. You lost your dog/cat/baby in the refrigerator

2. It takes at least 2 attempts to leave the house in the morning

3. Even after you leave you realize you have still forgotten something

4. You would thank your family for cleaning the house but you fail to notice when it is dirty

5. Your cell phone insurance company suspects you for fraud

6. Your cell phone smells mountain fresh… just like your underwear

7. You regularly walk into a room but don’t know why you are there

8. You open the same cabinet 4 times before realizing your looking in the wrong place

9. You don’t know where you keep the dishes in your own kitchen

10. The details really don’t matter

11. You once rolled up your car window into your own face

12. You have fallen of more than one cliff

13. You’re on a cliff in the first place

14. You have a coffee pot in more than one room of your house

15. You arrive 30 minutes early every day in order to get to work on time

16. You closet sleep

17. You are the only person in the world who can forget about Christmas in the middle of December

18. Your youngest child responds to his name, the pet’s name, and your husband’s name

19. You pay your bills when they call you and tell you too; who reads those letter things anyway?

20. Your friends and family say you are as flaky as a French pastry

And in conclusion, What was I saying? Let’s go ride bikes!

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juliadale » 8 years ago

Thanks Ricky... I have actually rolled up my car window on my own face too... caught me right under the upper lip. OUCH

Glad you enjoyed it!

Ricky » 8 years ago

What a funny post, especially #11. I too have ADHD and yes I make fun of myself at times. Thanks for your light hearted approach to a squirrel....condition that at times can be very hard to deal with.

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