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Brought up Mar 9, 2010

Making money blogging.

Blogging as a secondary or primary source of income is something that is becoming more and more popular in these difficult times. I myself have only just started my own journey of creating a substantial income through blogging. Even though this is just the beginning for me, I feel like I have already made some good, and bad steps. Here are a couple things that I have learned.

First the site you choose to blog with is very important. So far I have tried the Hub Pages, The Examiner and of course ReachBy.

The Hub Pages are very easy to use and you can add on advertising affiliates with a great deal of ease. The Hub has a interesting scoring system and is actually quite popular. They run contests to increase the number of stories in specific areas and they seem to have a strong following. The down sides with the Hub is the quality of the ads. Like most blogs your income as a blogger comes from your advertisements. The Hub pages unfortunately tends to stick you with text ads from Google AdSense that people rarely click on. The largest draw back I have found with the Hub is its lack of networking potential, it isn't very convenient to sink your articles with article sharing net works.

The Examiner is a little different. This blogging opportunity pays about a cent per view of your article. Which can add up fairly quickly. I however made a big mistake when I started my Examiner account. I am the Denver infectious disease Examiner. The problem is finding content that matches with my tittle... infectious disease isn't usually a local only issue. So if you start an Examiner blog, remember to keep your topic very general and something that is actually local. The drawbacks are there is no income from ads with the Examiner, also the networking potential of the Examiner is not very good.

My favorite blog site so far is ReachBy. First, because of all the wonderful and easy ways to share each article with a huge variety of article sharing networks. I obtain more hits on ReachBy than with any other blogging site I use. At the end of the day it is the article views that make a blogger money. The Google AdSense account is also set up on ReachBy so that the blogger has more control in the types of ads used. Yippie! No more ugly text ads, well not as many. Also, ReachBy isn't so big that the average blogger can't make a suggestion and get a actual human response. My experiences with the ReachBy staff have been wonderful.

Lastly, the only other thing needed to make income blogging and writing is that, “A Writer Writes. Always.”

You don't have to be an English major, you don't have to be the best writer in the world, and it really is OK if your a Dyslexic, ADHD, suffering goof ball (like myself). Write everyday, your stories will improve. Edit everyday your spelling and grammar with improve. Publish everyday, slowly your income, fan base and expertise will improve.

In the meantime if anyone knows where to get free stock photos let me know!

Also, my favorite part of ReachBy is the SUBMIT tab over this article, click it and share with me and the world your adventures in writing.


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