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Brought up Mar 10, 2010 by bigoosh

stock photos...

Flkr (spelled something like that) is a good place to grab stock photos. Also, good article.

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juliadale » 8 years ago

Wow thanks Belred what a great help! My Dad is a photographer and i also love taking pictures, I would hate to step on someones copy right.

I was thinking of hitting the street and taking some photos myself, I am going to post them here on ReachBy, feel free to barrow any if you like them!

belred » 8 years ago

Yes, I used for a background image on -- the deal is you can use only pictures that are under Creative Commons license. When you search for images on Flickr you can say to show you only those under CC license. Others are copyrighted by default and you can't use them without permission. Also, almost for all CC licensed work, you have to attribute it properly, i.e. give a link to the author and the license terms. Usually Flicks shows you this link, so it's easy to copy/paste.

juliadale » 8 years ago

Thanks, wow I didn't know flkr was a source for photos! Thanks for the heads up!

I didn't mention how great the community hear at ReachBy is, but hey it is pretty fantastic! ya!