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Brought up Mar 10, 2010

A salute to parents

A salute to parents

I never knew what my parenting friends went through. But my 4 week old puppy is educating me.

I go to sleep around 10pm, my 4 week old rescue puppy in his kennel. 12:30 I wake up the puppy is crying. He woke up and messed his kennel, I clean it up and give him his midnight feeding. 1:00 am, I crawl back to bed. 3am the puppy is awake again his kennel is messed and he refuses to go to sleep. 4:00 am praying for mercy I collapse into bed. 6:30 am the puppy is up again, morning feeding time. After a feeding the puppy goes back into his kennel. I fall asleep on the couch with my coffee on the counter and my laptop open. 7:30 am my older dog has woken up the puppy.

I know this is the same routine new parents find themselves in, and babies require this kind of care for years. But that is exactly what leaves me in awe. After only one and a half weeks of keeping up this schedule I am experiencing symptoms of sleep deprivation that are simply frightening.

Here is a short list: I am cold all the time, I can't think straight, I am having trouble reading, I can't organize my thoughts, my muscles hurt, things that normally hurt really hurt, I have a headache, no appetite, sudden powerful bouts of anger, over whelming bursts of sadness and now suddenly I can't sleep.

It's worse then I can't sleep. I didn't know I was tired! I thought that I might have been simply loosing my mind or getting really sick. That is until I researched my symptoms. Now I realize I have some apologizing to do with my boyfriend. Not to mention a lot of re-editing of my recent stories.

The take home message of this is simple my dearest readers. If you know anyone who has a baby, please save their sanity, lives, job and marriage: Take the baby for a night or a long afternoon. Let the poor parents get some real sleep. The few of us in the childless regiments should step up and help our best friends, brothers and sisters. The one thing that my puppy has taught me is parenting shouldn't be done alone. If you have an opportunity to step up, make the offer.

Lastly while I am thinking of how much I love my Mom let me share her advice. “Forget the crib. Throw it away. Take the baby to bed with you. Keep clean diapers on the night stand, and a garbage pale next to the bed. Sleep topless. Keep a dish rag in your pillow. Always work together.” I followed her advice (as it applied) but the puppy crawled onto my face and peed in my ear. As I understand human infants won't do that.

Good night new parents, and God bless.

P.S. If you want to discourage a 13 year old from Jerry Springer from having a baby get them a 4 week old rescue puppy.

P.S.S. Should you get pee in your ear, a vinegar and water solution will clear up the resulting ear infection.

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