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Brought up Mar 11, 2010

ReachBy now has Kontera!

I stumbled on Kontera through the Hub pages, classically though I couldn't get it running on Hub. So I talked with a member of the ReachBy Team, Alex (Very cool guy). Alex worked all night, and got Kontera ads set up for ReachBy. To add to Alex coolness it is extremely easy to set up.

First though, I bet you are thinking, what is Kontera anyway? Well, check out my article, see the words and phrases with the double underline? Those are Kontera ads. They add value to my articles by allowing a quick and easy method to send readers to links with more information about the topic. For instance if I were writing about high fuel efficiency cars Kontera might ad a link to a dealership, or the car's manufacture web sight.

Kontera is pay per click advertising, so I am thrilled by a second way to monetize my blogs here on ReachBy. Check out my article on Making money blogging for more info about making some extra cash with your blogging hobie. (notice reference links are not double underlined)

In order to set up your own Kontera Ads simply go to the Kontera site and register, when you are done they will give you a “ContentLink” to add to the Header of your Blog. Don't worry about that though. Alex set it up so that all blogs have Kontera if you go to Publish>Options>Ads, just scroll down to the Kontera Comment Link box and paste the “ContentLink” Kontera gave you.

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that alex guy » 8 years ago

yo... thanks julia. it wasn't that difficult actually. i just wanted to mention that sometimes kontera acts flaky. please don't blame this on me. reachby acts as a messenger here, so don't kill the messenger. if you see no ads once in a while it means kontera has a moment. i even saw some errors coming from their scripts, well... they're still in beta and let's give them a break. i will keep an eye on this. cheers