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Brought up Mar 11, 2010

Kindle is now available FREE on your PC

If you are a lover of reading, like I am, you have been drooling over the Kindle since it first came out. For those of you who aren't familiar, Kindle isn't just a device for reading books. Kindle instead is a step towards revolutionizing how we read, and how we publish.

With a Kindle Device, or with Kindle downloaded for free on your PC, you can select and purchase books to read instantly through Naturally Kindle isn't limited to books; magazines, newspapers and even popular blogs are available through this device. I am enjoying the comic books and graphic novels a great deal.

As a writer what I enjoy most about Kindle is it provides me with a realistic way to publish my short stories and novels in a way that gives me complete control. For instance I publish my books in installments, at .99 cents per episode.

Because of the cost of production there used to be a great deal of risk for a publishing company to take on a new author. The old way caused a stagnation of ideas and art. Kindle's method of publishing exposes the reader to a greater variety of new works, allowing free market and the public to judge what is popular. In a real since what this avoids is the over production of the 'Sure Thing'; i.e. Vampires.

Thankfully, Kindle doesn't allow every submitted story to be published, each work is reviewed for clarity, and readability.

Besides being a ground breaking way of allowing unknown and new authors, like myself, a opportunity to publish; Kindle also offers the most popular authors at discounted prices. The discount comes from the greenness of Kindle, because there is practically no production cost in the electronic books the savings gets passed to the reader. As a bonus, more of the profits to go to the author in form of royalty.

Check out my first Kindle installment of my Story Burgundy Sky.

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Alex » 8 years ago

Interesting because this is how Amazon+Kindle is competing with Apple+iPad. So If I have a netbook I can run Kindle on it and don't go after iPad for books. I can see how Apple will respond releasing their e-book store app for a Mac and even on Windows like iTunes. As to me, I will stick with a netbook simply becuase I need a device I can develop on, plus other things. Not vice versa.

bigoosh » 8 years ago

This is awesome, like real awesome. You will be seeing some of my work appearing on Kindle soon as well.