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Brought up Apr 16, 2010

EVP Paranormal Investigation part 2

EVP Paranormal Investigation part 2

The first thing I did is took some time to research the (Electronic Voice Phenomena) EVP. Since most of what I have heard is actual voices. I am not looking for the standard definition of EVP; where you can’t hear it, but it is on the tape during play back. I am looking for what would be called VP. Where ever these voices are coming from I can clearly hear them.

There are two theories about debunking EVPs, one states that the microphone is picking up cellphones or radio stations. I checked with my Fiance and he assured me that the Blue Snowball USB mic would not pick up radio or cell phones.

The other and more popular theory explaining EVPs is that the “voices” are simply external noises that our very socially attuned brains are making since out of. The way you could be walking thought a crowd and hear someone call your name when it is a stranger saying a word that is similar. I am not sure what I can do to avoid this potential mistake other than just being aware of the phenomena.

Our plan is to set up the microphone and go to bed. Naturally the dogs will be walking around, but I don’t want to remove them from the environment because they might be the ones making the strange noises. We are also going to try to run video all night, but we aren’t sure if we have the equipment for that.

I’ll write an article for you guys tomorrow morning about the experience, and then later in the afternoon after I have reviewed the data.

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tiltedlistener » 8 years ago

I like your point about microphones being resistant to radio and cell signals. It only makes sense that some mics, especially those used in studio environments would have to have this feature. Interesting - I wonder how much EVP equipment used by ghost hunters have this feature.