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Brought up Apr 20, 2010

Doggy exercise ideas

Doggy exercise ideas

Most any dog official will tell you that a tired dog is a good dog. For the most part this is absolutely true, regular exercise will curb or even cure some of the worst behavior in animals. Playing with your pet gives them time to release stress, understand their place in the family, and get rid of extra energy. But with the modern persons busy schedule working out an animal can be very time consuming and hard to fit in. Here are some fun ideas.

With supervision a dog can be trained to use a tread mill. Start by aquatinting the dog with the machine and giving praise and treats. Once the dog is comfortable being around the machine when it is running and when it is turned off, place the dog on the tread mill and turn it to it’s lowest setting. Gently, encourage the dog to stay on and reward him with treats. At first just a couple moments at a time is adequate. With work and practice you will be able to let your dog run on the tread mill while you watch!

Simply taking a dog to the dog park and allowing him to play with the other dogs can give them a great deal of exercise, this is also a good opportunity to play fetch and Frisbee.

My favorite method to exercise my dog is by rollerblading with him through the park. Before you try this you will want to make sure that the dog is on his best behavior on the leash. Commands like, Slow down, Stop, and lets go are key for obvious reasons.

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Heather » 8 years ago

Good post, Julia. Flyball and agility are also great ways to not only exercise Fido, but us, too.