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Brought up Apr 20, 2010

Paranormal Investigation 4 The Results

After very carefully checking through 8 hours of audio I didn’t find a single thing out of the ordinary. Grendel got up and walked around the house several times during the night and once at about 4 am he barked twice. Other then that very little happened.

However, it is interesting to note that nothing paranormal or anything that could even pass as a EVP was captured. According to most theories that debunk EVP the causes of false EVP should have been prevalent in my home. Because, I live near a large street, you would think that at least one of the passing cars would have sounded odd, or perhaps that something my dog would do would sound human. Grendel does have a very human sounding sigh, which was captured on the audio, however he does it so often I knew that it was without a doubt him.

Even with nothing out of the ordinary found, I am compelled to try the experiment again. From my background in science I realize that nothing can be statistically proven with only one test. So I will continue to do more experiments and inform you of any interesting results.

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bigoosh » 8 years ago

Please keep us informed. I am fascinated by the paranormal and would love to hear about your experiences. Even if you don't ever capture anything interesting, I will be interested in hearing about your experiment process.