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Brought up Apr 18, 2010

Good Morning Paranormal Investigation 3

Good Morning Paranormal Investigation 3

This morning we rolled out of bed late, My fiance had a play open last night and we ended up staying up for a while after. This morning my fiance hoped out of bed and we listened to some of the first things recorded in the house. We naturally saw a spike out of no where and both jumped when we heard my big dog Grendel bark. It was an excellent recording of it. Needless to say, doing this will make you suddenly a little paranoid of every little sound. So far we haven't heard anything that I would call paranormal, although some strange sounds coming from the animals.

Still it is interesting for me to see Grendel’s night patrol patterns. It is comforting to know that your dog is always so deeply invested in the security of the house. Shortly after his first patrol we heard what could have been someone opening a can of soda. Right now I am thinking that was actually the sound of Grendel licking his chops right before he went to bed.

We are transferring the data from the lap top to the large computer via a portable hard drive and I will likely spend the next several hours listening. Expect to hear some interesting stuff either late tonight or likely early Sunday morning.


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