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Brought up Apr 28, 2010

Exercise for Weight Loss

Exercise for Weight Loss

If you ask most people the best workouts for weight loss they will say, “Cardio, Cardio, and more Cardio!” This however is only half of what you really need. In order for someone to have any hopes of removing exes weight and keeping it off they have to be practicing strength building exercises.

While Cardio does burn the most calories, without growing and sustaining muscle a dieter will loose muscle in the normal process of weight loss. Loss of muscle = Loss of metabolism.

Luckily a great deal of time does not have to be spent on Strength training in order to see positive results. Strength training 3-4 times a week for 15 minutes is enough time for most people to gain muscle. When added to a normal Cardio routine results should come quick.

Here are some techniques to slip strength training into your Cardio workout.

High kicks: From a stance with your kicking leg about one foot behind and to the side of your stable leg, kick without bending your knee

Try 20 on each side and do 3 sets. This exercise will help straighten core and leg muscles.

Try a Cardio Workout that focuses on balance. Any activity that increases your balance will in turn strengthen your core muscles.

If you are a runner or jogger ask a trainer to show you how to perform lunges so that you can add them to your journey. The lunges will both stretch your legs and strengthen them.


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