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Brought up Apr 28, 2010

It’s shedding season! Time to really brush your dog!

It’s shedding season! Time to really brush your dog!

The weather is perfect and there are little pieces of Grendel everywhere. Not all dogs have a shedding season. This is an honor reserved for double coated dogs and other heavy coat wearers. While all dogs shed constantly, the shedding season can be a tad nerve wrecking. I just pulled 4 small dogs out of Grendel’s coat. All kidding aside this is a time in your dogs life where he is going to need some extra attention. If the time is not taken to help remove the hair disaster can occur.

Hot Spots are spots on a dog where the dog develops an open sore, this is generally caused from a skin condition but also can be caused from tangled shedding fur. This causes an itchy mess for out friends causing them to scratch and bite the area excessively. Unfortunately on dogs with thick coats this only tears open the skin, and doesn’t remove the knot.

Grooming is also a bonding experience between owner and pet. Many dogs have sensitive spots that they are very protective of. Grooming a little bit of the area on a daily basis with treat rewards will help build trust and remove any overly protective behavior.

Shedding season is lastly a great time to check your animal for Ticks and flees, especially that tick and flee season happens to be around the same time. As you brush look deep into your dogs fur, while dandruff is normal anything else should be watched carefully.

Thanks for reading and enjoy this time with your pet.


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