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Brought up May 1, 2010

The disgusting habits of puppies

The disgusting habits of puppies

Puppies throw up and eat their own vomit. Given half a chance they also eat their poop and the poop of their kin. It is quite a sad tail and one that seems to be a universal secret to puppidum. Puppies are actually quite gross.

Thankfully for the most part this is something not to worry about. In the end even if it is something out of control it is generally easily relieved, if not grown out of. My older dog loved goose poop. He ate it quickly and ninja like at every opportunity eventually making us both sick. So beware of interspecies poop eating. It leads to trouble. The cause behind this is Grendel was experiencing a craving for something that was in abundance in the goose poop. For him it was Nitrites. The solution was feeding him lentils a plant high in nitrites and free of harmful bacteria.

Roo my youngest has taken on a more disturbing trend, I have caught him eating his own poo. For Roo this behavior is part of his house training, he is aware that he shouldn’t leave poo on the floor and decides to hide the evidence. In the end a very reasonable solution. If you can catch this behavior early it is easily solved by simply firmly scolding the puppy in the act. This should show that while pooing in the house is bad, eating it is worse.

Now, Vomit eating. Most of the time the cause of this behavior is simply that the puppy has eaten too quickly or too much. Experiment with odd shaped bowls and with feeding more often and less at a time should help alleviate this disturbing behavior.

When to worry, if the vomit is greenish or very frequent a trip to the vet should be in order. Also, if the dog develops a obsession with his poopie eating it may be more then just missing nutrients and should be handled by a professional.


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