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Brought up May 1, 2010

Hidden Diet Disasters

Hidden Diet Disasters

You have eaten only what is on your list, you are working out... and yet you gain! What is sabotaging your diet! Most likely the answer is in your hand. The calories in the drinks you consume may shock you. Most dieters know that sodas are full of calories so trying to be mindful we reach for tea and sports drinks. Patting ourselves on the back all the while. Yet our average sports drink has around 60 calories per 8 oz serving... and that is a 20 oz bottle you were drinking from. Suddenly your “healthy choice is guilty of delivering more calories to you then a single 12 oz soda! Other common culprits are lemon aid and coffee. You may think coffee is innocent until you take a hard look at the sugar and cream you just added.

Last, yet far from least is beer, wine and mixed drinks. Sure that diet Coke and rum may be a taste way to celebrate your Friday but your kidding your self if you think it is free of calories. One shot of rum is between 60 an 100 calories depending on brand!

A Bud Lite Lime is 116 per 12 oz, and a glass of white wine is 103 calories but the glass you are served is likely 206!

Naturally this doesn’t mean that you are forbidden from your Friday night cocktail, or your occasional Gatorade. Just be mind full that what seem like good choices are sometimes not the best, and occasionally a cocktail can go to your belly even if it’s not beer.


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