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Brought up Mar 25, 2010

How to impress the in-laws.

My soon to be husband's parents are not as easy to impress as mine. To be quite frank my father seems impressed with anyone who can manage to put up with me. Apparently, I am a bit of a princess. A princess who has single handedly renovated most of her 1928 home... but a princess non-the-less.

This weekend my darling dear has promised to give me the ring he has been carrying about in his pocket, but as a draw back is Mom and Dad will be inspecting our home. I am in a pickle dear readers. My home is in no condition to impress. To make things worse I have completed precious little since I fell down the stairs. (You really aught to read my article before this one.) What is a girl to do!

I know that when a person thinks of a 1928 home they might bring to mind images of antique molding and exquisite features of the past. My house is not like that. My house was brutally rented to several hundred families by what I would suspect to be slum lord. Most of the wood flooring on the top floor of the house has been painstakingly renovated, but aged and terribly damaged wood remains near the entrance of the kitchen and the bathroom. To make matters worse, being mostly color blind and eccentric; I may have made some paint choices that a normal person would flee in terror of. The cherry on top is that I simply am not a good house wife.

My solution is a tradition that I am borrowing from the Gypsies. Gypsies are actually very private people and generally have one room in their home that is used only for company, all other areas of the house are reserved for the immediate family. So, I will purchase several throw rugs, finish renovating the office and simply hide the kitchen, bedroom, and basement from the in-laws. With a fancy lunch they should be fairly pleased.

But no, that is no solution at all. While I may be tempted to hide both my imperfections and those of my home from intruding eyes, dishonesty and hiding is a solution that only works in the sitcoms. The true way to truly impress the in-laws is to perform my normal weekend cleaning and let them see the house for what it is... and at the same time see me. Whether I like it or not, marring my boyfriend will bring his parents indefinitely into my life, and as such that relationship should be started with honesty. So, this weekend I will simply take pride in my home for what it is, pride in the fact that it is mine, pride in the hard work I have already put into it and pride for the fact that I am paying less in mortgage then most people do in rent. I will build up the positive and laugh off the less than perfect. Hopefully they will follow suit.

Wish me luck and expect an update soon!


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