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Brought up Mar 31, 2010

How do you know if he loves you

Men are notorious for never reveling intense emotions like love until the last minute. Or at least that is what modern media has lead us to believe. Really that is not the case at all, men are not the secretive social animals that women are. Men don't generally mask their emotions and are rarely interested in manipulating. When it comes to men and emotions what you see is often what you get.

At the same time, most men are not fabulous word smiths who can express what they are feeling in the poetic monologues you see in the movies. So look at the behavior. If he shows up on time, if he looks and smells nice, if he goes out of the way to make you happy, then you can rest assured that he is interested in you. But interested in what part? Your body or your personality? Chances are he likes both aspects quite a bit. To complicate things, if it is early in the relationship sorting out whether the desire is strongest for your body or your mind is probably far too complicated to even consider. Besides which it hardly matters, a physical attraction often grows into a mental one.

My advice for anyone in the early stages of a relationship is to stop worrying so much about whether he likes you and focus instead on if you like him. Chances are you are just as jumbled and confused about the subject as he is, likely you have a hard time separating your physical attraction from your mental one as well. Who knows, maybe your affection is only superficial.

If the relationship is older, say passed the three month point. You will want to look for signs of commitment. No not a diamond ring, more like making plans for later in the summer, scheduling trips together, perhaps visiting with parents and siblings. These are all signs that he is allowing you to go deeper into his life. Signs that he expects you to be around for a long time.

As for the answer the question, “How do you know if he loves you?” the only real answer is to wait and watch. Take the time to decide how you feel about him. Watch and see if he treats you with dignity, respect, and affection. In time, watch to see if he supports your dreams and listens to your desires. Wait and see if he is honest and open with you, if he shares his feelings and fears. Chances are, if all of these things are happening and you are acting in a similar way then you will be destined for a happy relationship.


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