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Brought up Apr 1, 2010

How to have a great blind date

If you are anything like me, your heart is thumping and your mind is swimming with the most wonderful ideas. This guy might really be great! Of course, I love blind dates. I am one of those glass is half full kind of girls. You might also be thinking, Dear Lord why did you let me get myself into this horrible situation?

The good news is both points of view are wrong. No matter what happens all it is, is a date. Just one measly, silly, date. So pick something that will be fun regardless of the company. I always liked taking my dog to the dog park and having a little picnic for a first date. My first date with my fiance, (I am not kidding) he came over to help me finish painting my kitchen and then we had a beer on the stoop. Who knew that first dates aren't just a source of free dinner, but cheap labor! The point is choose to have a good time no matter what.

Next, check your ego at the door. No, this guy is not going to look as great as he did in his picture, but let's face it, if your going on blind dates your not exactly princes perfect yourself. Of course you have bucket loads of positive qualities, but if you want a chance to show them off you need to be willing to give a chance.

Last relax and smile, no matter what happens it will be a bit of an adventure, and maybe a good story to share with your girlfriends.


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