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Brought up Apr 6, 2010

Acer Aspire One net book review

Acer Aspire One net book review

As of this weekend my fiance and I became completly computerless, we have a 27 inch Mac with an I5 processor on the way but that won't be delivered until mid April. In the mean time, we are the kind of people that can't live without our computers. So we picked up an Acer Aspire One at Cost Co for about 300 dollars.

This little computer is so portable it can actually fit into a 15 gallon zip lock bag. It has a 10 inch screen but still has a keyboard large enough for my meaty fingers. I can type as fast as I normally do and I have no problems with hitting two keys at the same time. For a small computer this is a great keyboard. The touch pad is a bit small but it is highly responsive. My only problem is that occasionally the lower portion of my thumb hits the touch pad, but with a little practice that stopped happening.

Now this little computer came with Windows 7 installed, however the european version aparently has a linux platform specifically designed for the Aspire One, which I am a bit envious of. As far as specs go the Aspire One comes with a Intel Atom processor, 1 GB of Memory, a 6 cell lithium Ion Battery and a 160 GB hard drive.

The Screen is bright, colorful and very clear and easy to read. I have noticed that some web pages occasionally have a problem fitting into the tiny screen, but for the most part everything flows very smoothly. The WiFi on this system is increadibly simple and fast to use and the set up was fantastic. Windows 7 is a huge improvment on Vista. Ten minutes after I charged the battery the computer was up, running and connected to my WiFi.

To my delight, The Acer Aspire one comes with the WildTangent game server pre installed, just like my Old Toshiba did. This computer might not handle the newest coolest games out there but it can handle just about everything that WildTangent has to offer. Interestingly, the Parental controls for the game server were preset for Everyone rated games.

The speakers on the Aspire One are a Tad on the quiet side, but my Fiance who should be wearing a hearing aid could hear most of the music I played from the computer with fair clarity.

As A final test I kept my writing program open, started playing music and loaded hulu on the internet all at the same time. Expectedly this slowed the internet down alot bit, but no crash, this used to lock up my old toshiba everytime.

Ultimatly on computer like this the battery makes or breaks the system. If the battery can't hold a charge, it has very little value. It takes less then an hour to completly charge, and the charge lasts about 8 hours, less if you are playing movies, more if you are just writing on the word pad. This is a huge improvment on my last lap top.

All in all I am very impressed with the Acer Aspire One. This computer does everything that I would expect it to but better. In many ways it even out performs my last computer. I would never expect a computer that costs only 300 dollars to out perform a 3 year old 1000 dollar computer in nearly everyway, and yet it does. This is a GREAT BUY!

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bigoosh » 8 years ago

Sorry to hear your old computer bit the dust. At least you got a decent one for a fairly affordable price. You have actually caused to think about buying an Acer for my daughter. Her old computer is far beyond ancient and I have been thinking about buying her a new one. Maybe the Acer is the way to go.