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Brought up Apr 8, 2010

Colorado is ready for an energy crisis

Colorado is ready for an energy crisis

I spent the past 3 years working for Pioneer multinational oil and gas company as a land tech. In that position I worked with the state regulatory board to insure that all the documents for a Methane gas well had been properly filed. I also assisted Landmen with their negotiations with the land owners. As you may know farmers and homesteaders who live on the land don't generally have any rights to the minerals that are below. The oil and gas companies often acquire the lease to the minerals and then are able to force their way onto the land owners property. This can be a very ugly thing.

In Colorado the laws are changing to support both the environment and the landowners, but unfortunately the rules are so strict that after the recession and the low value of gas many of the big companies are moving out of the state. In turn the leases are being sold to the highest bidder, often even smaller companies with even less money to properly follow the state guidelines or properly care for the land owners. Long story short I believe that in trying to protect the environment the state of Colorado may have set the stage for some catastrophic super fund situations.

To further complicate matters 60% of the state of Colorado tax income comes from methane gas companies. Also the gas produced in Colorado is the main source of methane gas for several joined states. Very soon the price of gas will skyrocket.

The stage is set for change. Politically, environmentally and fiscally every American has a great deal to gain in getting alternative fuel set up both privately and publicly. The old way of doing things is circling the drain, and I want to be a part of both warning and preparing the country.

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toblo » 7 years ago

This article is so full of misinformation it is scary. As a former co-worker of the author, I will just say that there is a very good reason that she is no longer there, and she should have not even lasted the 3 years that she did.

bigoosh » 8 years ago

I grew up in Colorado and my Grandparents still live there and they tell me how the Colorado gas economy is causing serious problems. I think this is a perfect example of why we should be looking into alternative energy sources more than ever before.