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Brought up Apr 8, 2010

Why I hate Windows

Why I hate Windows

It took me a long time to really start to hate Windows, but with age comes wisdom they say. I have recently been exposed to Windows 7 a platform that I had high hopes for. I imagined that Windows would do away with all of its famously annoying tendencies from Vista and start again with a newer vision of easy to use speed. At first I was certain of it. So I plug in my little Acer Aspire and check out the read me sheet that was tucked in with the computer. “Please wait 10-30 minutes after first turn on for Windows 7 to configure.” Crud. So this is how it is going to be I thought. But I plugged in and turned on, and waited. Thankfully, all I really had to do was wait for about 15 minutes, enter some simple info then wait another 10. Is this a disappointment, well yes and no. The Acer Aspire One with the Linux platform turns on and sets up within 5 minutes. My I5 I Mac took less then 5 to start initially. What takes windows so long?

It's all the other junk that Windows 7 installs that a person doesn't even need. For instance the computer instantly starts McAfee, you have a 60 day trial period and the stupid thing harasses you constantly until you purchase it. I enjoy using non windows programs, Generally because they work better and don't harass me. So this stupid McAfee thing comes up. I click, Don't instal. The next time I turn the computer on it's gone ahead and installed it's self. Well in truth, it has started the arduous 4 hour process. In the mean time I can't hardly use the internet. WTF! Now, I don't use Windows office. I just don't have 300 dollars too shell out for something that in the long run slows down my computer. I use Open Office instead, it does the same work and leaves me the heck alone. However, the next time I turn the computer on, not only has it gone and started the instillation of McAfee but it is also downloading updates for the Microsoft works program, and there it is on my desk top flipping me off.

Now the worst part about Windows is you have to pay 400-600 dollars for the privilege of your computer forcing other programs on you that you don't want. As a cherry on top the Windows platform use almost twice the memory of Mac and Linux platforms. Don't believe me? Compare game play on two identical systems with different platforms...

The good news is with Windows 7 all I had to do was go into computer, programs and delete Microsoft word. But just you wait. It'll be back. Like a bad freaking bad dream, it'll be back.


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