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Brought up Apr 9, 2010

Swiss Diamond Cookware Review.

Swiss Diamond Cookware Review.

My parents gave me these fantastic pans for our engagement present. They are Swiss diamond cast nonstick pans. Diamonds have been ground down to make the stick free surface of the pans. My Dad promised that these pots and pans could be cooked in and then simply wiped clean with hot water and a pater towel. Given the opportunity to try to prove him wrong I decided to cook the stickiest dish I could.

Parmesan Incrusted Chicken breast. To make the situation a bit stickier I didn’t use any oil. First, I placed my chicken breast into the pan and cooked it on medium high. I added a touch of water, then flavored the chicken breast with black pepper. Once the chicken seemed to be fully cooked I toped the chicken with parmesan cheese. Flip the chicken breast and let the cheese melt and burn a bit. At the same time I coated the other side with parmesan cheese. This is where things should go horribly wrong. With a normal pan the cheese should stay where it is, stuck to the pan, and the chicken should flip with no cheese attached. To my shock and delight when I turned the chicken over all the cheese stayed happily on the meat, not a single crumb remained on the pan. I seared the other side of the chicken and finished with whole wheat pasta mixed with pesto sauce.

The price of these amazing pans? About 500 dollars for a ten piece set.

Because these are cast with the diamond coating you don’t want to use metal forks or utensils. The company claims that the pans will not be harmed by metal utensils but I don’t want to test it. According to the company website,, the most common reason for the coating being harmed is from overheating of the pans. This kind of thing happens when you put some water on to boil only to forget about it later. I did this to a Teflon pan and came back to find that it had melted to the heating coil on the stove. Not something you would want to do to any cookware.


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