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Brought up Apr 14, 2010

The dangers of crash diets and fasting.

The dangers of crash diets and fasting.

Everyone knows that the fastest way to loose weight is to simply stop eating. We all know that this approach isn’t good or healthy, and yet everyday another person is suckered into the juice only diet, or the 48 hour fast. While these techniques produce results they also create lasting damage in the body.

When the human body looses a great deal of weight from a crash diet the metabolism takes a slight dip. Most people get off their crash diet and go on a feeding frenzy, this is just the psychology of “now I am not dieting” at work. The sudden calorie uptake while the metabolism is slow results in weight gain.

Another reason why starvation diets can lead to weight gain in the long run is the way that the body looses weight. With every pound both fat and muscle is removed, loosing muscle decreases the metabolism as well. So even if the dieter returns to normal and not over indulgent eating habits they may find themselves gaining weight.

The most dangerous factor in crash dieting is the yo-yo effect. This is where the dieter looses a great deal of weight, then gains it back, then does it again and again. This kind of weight instability takes it’s toll on the thyroid, and all the internal organs, not only do they have to deal with the weight but they have to do with the fasts. The end-result is that the dieter never finds or maintains a healthy way of eating.

Ultimately, it should be every dieters goal to find long term and sustainable solutions to weight loss.


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